Alex's Back | After School Club | Helena Pielichaty

(September 2005)

Age range: 8-11 Price: £4.99

Alex's Back | After School Club | Helena Pielichaty book cover

What's it all about?

Alex is delighted when Mr Sharkey asks him to sing at his wedding but to keep it a secret from his bride-to-be, Mrs Fryston. Her delight turns to agony when Mrs Fryston asks her to do the same! Alex turns to her dead brother Daniel for help but that only causes more problems...

'...a cheery, first person story that gets to the heart of all the delights and difficulties around friends, families and school.'
Julia Eccleshare online (Love reading 4 kids)

'I really liked this book. I thought Alex was a good and believable character. I liked how she actually never knew she was a good singer until she belted out a song in the school choir. This book was funny, good and inspirational!'
Holly (reviewed in Teen Titles)


Where did the idea come from?

I have been building up the romance between Mr Sharkey and Mrs Fryston since the first book so I wanted them to finally 'tie the knot.' As Alex is a good singer, the idea of her singing at the wedding fitted perfectly. The second theme in the story revolves around Daniel. In the first Alex book, Alex is resentful of her dead brother's influence which caused problems, especially with her sister Caitlin. This time, I thought it would be interesting to reverse Alex's feelings towards Daniel and have her talking and confiding in him, to see how people reacted to that instead.

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