Clubbing Together | After School Club | Helena Pielichaty

(May 2005)

Age range: 8-11 Price: £5.99

Clubbing Together | After School Club | Helena Pielichaty book cover

What's it all about?

Clubbing Together combines the first four After School Club book, in one nifty volume!

'Funky, funny, serious, pacy, hard hitting, gentle - Helena has it all. Her style and way of dealing with issues make Helena's work not only on the edge but funny and endearing.'
Joy Taylor, Oxford Children's Book Group

'I thought Clubbing Together was a great novel. It has four stories in one, each written by one of the After School Club girls. Sammie, Brody, Alex and Jolene are all great characters and they all have different families and lives. They all make their own story fun and exciting in their own way. The author leaves cliffhangers at the end of a lot of the chapters so that it makes you want to read on and find out what happens next.'
Jennifer Combe, Queensferry High (review from Teen Titles)

'This book is good for girls aged 7-11. Once you start you just can't put it down. You will get lost in a world of your own.'
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