Starring Jolene... as the runaway who's trying to do a good turn (just make sure she doesn't turn on you)


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Starring Jolene... as the runaway who's trying to do a good turn (just make sure she doesn't turn on you) book cover

What's it all about?

You don't want to mess with Jolene. That message comes across loud and clear. Her list of things she doesn't like include kittens, lip gloss, soppy lasses, soppy lads, teachers, her mam, her grandad Martin, her nana, her mam's new husband Darryl and his soppy lads Jack and Keith and especially that spoilt Brody Miller. In fact, the only two things Jolene does like are Sunderland AFC and Alex McCormack. Trouble is, Alex lives a hundred miles away and she never gets to see her. Until she decided to take an unauthorised trip on the train one day...

'From the moment I started to read this book, I knew it was the kind of book I spend all my free time reading, page after page, with suspense and excitement. Just like any ordinary child, Jolene was a girl with problems. I like the spunky, chatty style that Jolene uses to tell her story. In the way Jolene talks, it reminds me of myself sometime. And just reading the blurb she sounds like your average, confident child, appealing to me, and other children. The characters are well thought out and fit with Jolene's reactions to people and her situation. I got into this story so much, I started copying the illustrations and have been influenced to write a story of my own!

I would love to read another book from the 'After School Club' series and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes reading.'
Bethany, age 10

Where did the idea come from?

Jolene played a big part in Brody's story so I wanted to find out more about her, like why she is so antagonistic. Jolene's story is the saddest of them all - she is a neglected child, unloved by those who should love her the most. There are lots of Jolenes out there. This story is for them.

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