Jolene's Back | After School Club | Helena Pielichaty


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Jolene's Back | After School Club | Helena Pielichaty book cover

What's it all about?

Jolene is happy for once. She's leaving primary school and looking forward to a fresh start at her new school in September. She is even getting on really well with her step-dad Darryl and her two step-brothers, Jack and Keith. In fact, she's getting on so well with them, she wants them to come with her to Wakefield when she goes to stay with her grandad for a week. They all have a great time, especially at the After School club. At last Jolene seems to have found security and happiness until her mam declares she's leaving Darryl. Well, her mam might be leaving Darryl but that didn't mean Jolene had to...

'Jolene is a sympathetic character, whose exploits are understandable if usually unwise, and she will find an enthusiastic audience among older KS2 readers who are looking for a pacy, exciting read… Jolene would also provide an interesting case study for PSHE, especially when considering friendship and responsibility.'
Bridget Carrington, Write Away

'...the author masterfully creates myriads of twists into the story which keeps readers on their toes and wondering what is in store.'
Lynda Jones, The School Librarian

'I haven't had time to finish this book but I really, really want to! I liked the storyline as it is quite believable and it is keeping me on the edge of my seat – I need to know how it is going to end. Jolene likes football and is a bit of a tomboy and I can relate to that! In three words this book is believable, gripping and edgy.'
Melanie in Teen Titles


Where did the idea come from?

I once read about a boy in America who divorced his parents and that gave me the idea for the main part of Jolene's story. I also wanted to have an outdoor setting for this final story (so far) as Jolene is such a wild child so I chose the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. This really exists and is just the type of place Mrs Fryston would choose for an After School club trip.

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