Never Ever


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Never Ever book cover

What's it all about?

Erin can't believe how bad her life is. Not only have her parents messed up and been forced to move from a comfortable home near the park to a lousy council estate, they only had to get a house opposite Liam 'I-think-I'm-it' Droy, didn't they? Could things be any worse?
Liam can't believe how great his life is. He's good-looking, loaded and has girls drooling over him. Then bingo! Erin arrives and it looks as if yet again God, a Manchester United supporter, has given him all he wants.

But life's not that straightforward for either of them.

'Pielichaty has an excellent ear for teenage vernacular and captures the witty repartee common amongst close friends.' Books For Keeps

'This is the best book I have ever read. I hope it wins lots of prizes.'
Jenny aged 11 on Amazon

'My favourite of your books so far has been Never Ever because Erin's life is just like mine. I can really relate to the book. It's like a best friend that I can talk to at any time.'
Liz of Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire

Where did the idea come from?

I once tried my hand at writing a stage play. It was called 'The Table' and centred around a huge pine kitchen table that wouldn't fit in to Erin's new family home. In the play, Erin's father had a nervous breakdown. I never finished the play but thought the ideas in it too good to waste so I made The Table into a story. As Jade's Story already had a theme of mental illness I changed that aspect but the rest is fairly true to the original idea.

Selected as Ottaker's Young Adult Book of the Month for older readers

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