Sammie's Back | After School Club | Helena Pielichaty

(May 2005)

Age range: 8-11 Price: £4.99

Sammie's Back | After School Club | Helena Pielichaty book cover

What's it all about?

It's Christmas. Sammie is now in Year Six and not enjoying it much. Mrs Platini's a slave-driver and is piling on the homework but nobody at home will help. Mum, Gemma and Sasha are too busy arguing with each other about money to bother with Sammie. If only dad would move back and sort them all out. Still, there's always After School club to look forward to and Mrs Fryston has got tons of exciting things lined up. Sammie can cope with anything as long as she can go there after school. But then Mrs Fryston mentions her fees haven't been paid for months and her mum's solution is she'll have to stop going then, won't she? How will Sammie cope without life at ZAPS After School Club?

'I really enjoyed this book and consider it to be one of the best that I have read this year. The characters' personalities came through strongly, especially Sammie. I don't read many books but I would read this again.'
Mari, pupil at Craigroyston Community High (reviewed in Teen Titles)

'This is a first person story written in a lively colloquial style. Sammie has a na´ve and sometimes touchingly innocent view of her world and is an engaging and sympathetic narrator. This book offers a good hearted and engaging 'issues' read for younger girls.'
Kate Blake on Write Away.


Where did the idea come from?

In the first book, Sammie's mum was always bad with handling money so I took that theme and extended it as well as Sammie's dearest wish of having her dad come back to live at home.

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