Simone's Diary by Helena Pielichaty


Age range: 8+ Price: £3.99

Simone's Diary by Helena Pielichaty book cover

What's it all about?

Simone leaves primary school and starts secondary school. Perfect for boys and girls in Year 6 and 7 going through exactly the same thing.

'Simone lets you into every gory detail of starting life in secondary school - even the sick bits!'
Lesa Bell of Cramlington High School

Where did the idea come from?

My publishers asked me for a sequel to Simone's Letters. I hadn't planned one but as 'Letters' ends with Simone leaving primary school it made sense to follow it up with her beginning secondary school. I have also been both a Y6 class teacher and Y7 form tutor so I know from experience what a scary time this can be for pupils. I wanted to write something that was both reassuring and accurate about life in Y7.

Simone's Diary was a World Book Day Super read 2002 and was short-listed for the Askew's Book Award.

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