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What's it all about?

Simone copes with life as a Year 8; a tale of an exploding appendix, new siblings and German homework.

'This is a warmly told story in which the author's sense of fun shines through from beginning to end.'
Cathy Barker, Powell, children's services co-ordinator, West Notts.

'Simone's Website is a great book. I love it and would like to read it a hundred times if I could. I think that it is suitable for 10 year olds and over because there are some slightly complicated words. The main characters are Simone and her bossy friend Anthony (who is in hospital). They both e-mail each other every day, because they are working on an IT project together, with Chloe and Peter. I really enjoyed this book. I hope you do too.
Ciara Ralph (9) Write Away (online)

Where did the idea come from?

Following the theme of letters and diary, I had to come up with another method of communication for Simone to use in this third story. First I thought of e-mails but there were a few books out using this format already, so I thought about a website. I had to find out how websites are designed, then had to work out ways of presenting the website in a book form. It was good fun to write and I really enjoyed thinking up the different 'pages' for each character. Don't forget there's a real website to go with the book on Go to the creative writing page if any readers have poems to submit.

Now available in new covers by Sue Heap all at 3.99.

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