Who Ate All The Pies? by Helena Pielichaty

(November 2009)

Age range: 9+ Price: £4.99

Who Ate All The Pies? by Helena Pielichaty book cover

What's it all about?

It's the end of season one and the presentation evening is looming but Holly's not going. Why would she? Like her dad says, it's always the attackers like Gemma who get the glory and Holly plays defence. Plus fat girls don't win trophies, right?

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Where did the idea come from?

Years ago a keen Manchester United supporter suggested I write a series about a girls' football team. I had so many other ideas going round my head at the time I didn't think any more about it until after I had finished Accidental Friends' I started planning my next big project and remembered the suggestion.

The more I thought about it, the more I warmed to the idea, and all that's left now is for me to finish the series and hope that everyone enjoys reading Girls FC.

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