The Worst Ghost Of All by Helena Pielichaty

(February 2006)

Age range: 7+ (working at L1) Price: £4.75

The Worst Ghost Of All by Helena Pielichaty book cover

What's it all about?

Mr Spit cannot sell High House because it is haunted by a weird and wonderful set of ghosts such as Scary Mary, Bossie Flossie and Nasty Ned.

Then one day Lord C Threw walks into his office...

'The illustrations were amusing and appealing.'

'The boys were very enthusiastic and wanted to know where to buy it.'

'Funny not frightening.'
Various teacher comments, OUP website


Where did the idea come from?

I once taught an 11-year old boy with reading difficulties. He couldn't even read or write his own name.

All he wanted to do was read a Goosebumps book like all his friends could so during lessons we made up a ghost story. The Worst Ghost of All is based on that story.

Illustrated by Vincent Vigla.

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